Which Type Of Engineering Should You Study?

Engineering is an extensive subject, and with so many types of engineering to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is for you. To help you to decide, you should try and identify what you’re passionate about. What gets you excited, and what do you spend your free time on? All types of engineering include some form of problem-solving (and generally focus on making life easier), but what engineering-related solution gives you the biggest buzz? If you choose a subject you’re naturally interested in, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated during your course and stay involved with the subject whilst pursuing an engineering career.

Here’s a rundown of the various branches of engineering, to help you decide which one could be for you.

Aerospace/aeronautical engineering

This branch of engineering deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft. You could also study astronautical engineering, focusing on spacecraft and the deep conditions of space.

Chemical engineering

This type of engineering concerns the use of chemical and biological processes to produce useful materials or substances. It’s a multidisciplinary subject, combining natural and experimental sciences (such as chemistry and physics), along with life sciences (such as biology, microbiology and biochemistry), plus mathematics and economics.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is the professional practice of designing and developing infrastructure projects. This can be on a huge scale, such as the development of nationwide transport systems or water supply networks, or on a smaller scale, such as the development of single roads or buildings.

Computer engineering

Computer engineering concerns the design and prototyping of computing hardware and software. This subject merges electrical engineering with computer science, and you may prefer to study computer engineering alongside one of these similar subjects.

Electrical/electronic engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering both focus on applications of electrical power. The two fields differ in that electrical engineers chiefly focus on the large-scale production and supply of electrical power, while electronics engineers focus on much smaller electronic circuits, such as those used in computers.

Mechanical engineering

One of the oldest and broadest types of engineering, mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. You’ll study statics and dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, stress analysis, mechanical design and technical drawing.

Engineering management

Another interdisciplinary field, engineering management has grown in recent years, with universities responding to industry demand for management-focused engineers by developing dedicated engineering management programs. These courses combine industrial engineering skills and business expertise, often developed jointly by the engineering and business faculties. You could also study one of the above branches of engineering with management.

Top Engineering Colleges in India: Ranking 2020
Name City Rank
SRM Institute of Science and Technology /B.E/B.Tech Tamil Nadu 1
VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS) Chennai/ B.E/B.Tech Chennai 2
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology /B.E/B.Tech Tamil Nadu 3
Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology B.E/B.Tech Tamil Nadu 4
Dr.MGR University B.E/B.Tech Tamil Nadu 5
VIT University, Vellore B.E/B.Tech Tamil Nadu 6
MS Ramaiah University B.E/B.Tech Karnataka 7
Marwadi University B.E/B.Tech Gujarat 8
Poornima University of B.E/B.Tech Rajasthan 9
Acharya Institute of Technology - [AIT] ,B.E/B.Tech Karnataka 10
Amity University, Mumbai B.E/B.Tech Maharashtra 11
Roorkee College of Engineering, B.E/B.Tech Uttaranchal 12
NIMS Institute of Engineering & Technology, B.E/B.Tech Rajasthan 13
SRM University Delhi NCR Campus, Ghaziabad, B.E/B.Tech Uttar Pradesh 14
Rai University - [RU], Ahmedabad Gujarat,B.E/B.Tech Gujarat 15
Bharti vidyapeeth Pune 16
MIT world peace Pune 17
D.Y. Patil Pune 18
D.Y.Patil Mumbai 19
KL college of Engineering Andhra Pradesh 20

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